Im Weitraum

Home is a central place in everyday life. It is a assemblage of various social and material relations. Privacy and daily routines create reliability and make home an important basis of individuation.

Yet the walls of our houses are getting porous as media, technologies and society liquefly. Even the bathtub, a place that has always been enemy to electronics, will be transformed.

Im Weitraum intensifies the affective surrounding of home and at the same time sketches a dystopian way of traveling in the future. From the bathtub, visitors experience how home blends with the virtual and the outside.

The installation is on view from October 10 to November 9, 2018, in an apartment in Cologne. Please make a reservation in advance for your bathtub session, either here or on the phone. Bathing is only possible alone. Your full privacy is guarantied during the whole stay, sessions get nether recorded nor watched.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

0049 221 98658028 or via email: mail@badewanne-lahnstrasse.de


a project of Jens Mühlhof
in creative collaboration with: Polsprung 
design/animation: Anja Baydak
music: Kai Otten
compositing: Damian Weber
many thanks to: Tobias Löhde, Conny Sandmann, Familie Mühlhoff